Graduate Biology Degree

The Master of Sciences Program

The Department of Biology offers a program leading to the degree of Master of Sciences (MSc) with options in Molecular & Cellular Biology, and Ecology & Evolution. Graduate students must take at least one course from another science discipline (e.g., physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography), providing students with a diverse curriculum and an understanding of how various science disciplines relate to each other.

This interdisciplinary program offers students a broad science education with few restrictive requirements compared to traditional graduate science programs. It allows for development of a plan based on individual needs.

The MSc degree is designed for students intending to become professional biologists.  The standard MSc degree plan requires a research-based thesis and is appropriate for those seeking advanced graduate work or those seeking employment in biology-related fields. 

In consultation with the Faculty Advisor, students may choose to focus their graduate studies in one of the following options:

  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology