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About the Biology Department

About UCCS Biology

Through critical thinking and innovative teaching, the UCCS Biology Department helps create the next generation of scientists.

About the Department

Biology majors survey the origins and conservation of biological diversity, as well as the molecular, genetic, and cellular bases of life.

At UCCS, Biology students have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics, from the complex interactions that exist among organisms and their environments to the biological processes that underlie molecular and organismic evolution, cellular function, and embryonic development.

Additionally, the Department of Biology provides opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research for both undergraduate and graduate students through research assistantships and local externships. 

Mission Statement

The Biology departmental mission is to provide excellent classroom teaching integrated with relevant research and practical experiences that will prepare students to be innovative and knowledgeable professionals in the biological sciences, as well as critical thinkers and engaged citizens. 

DEI Statement

The Department of Biology provides an inclusive and supportive environment that embraces a culture of belonging, engagement, and learning for all, including those with diverse intersecting backgrounds, social identities, abilities, and cultures.

Academic Focus

We believe that a solid foundation in the life sciences is key to a successful career in the field. That's why our core and auxiliary courses required of all biology majors aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of life and the processes that sustain it.

In addition to the core courses, we offer a range of elective options that allow students to delve deeper into specific subfields within the biological sciences. Whether you're interested in a Bachelor of Science (BS) in general biology, prefer a biomedical specialization, or want an undergraduate degree that prepares you to teach biology in Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education, we have a program that will help you achieve your goals.

Faculty & Research

Biology faculty at UCCS integrate students into active learning experiences through lab work, research opportunities, and externships.

For more information on research opportunities, please contact faculty members directly.