Important Announcements

Important Announcements

As of spring semester 2019, some faculty members of the Biology Department will be forming a new Human Physiology & Nutrition Department in the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Science

The new department will be housed in the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center upon its completion. Some biology courses (BIOL prefix) will move to the new department, and these courses will be listed using HPNU prefix effective fall 2019. Students currently enrolled in the biology program (BS or BMD/Biomedical Science options) will be able to complete their degrees using these courses.

Beginning Fall 2019, the Biology Department will Offer a Single, Streamlined Degree Option

All biology majors will be able to complete their degree using the option (Biology BS or Biomedical Science) they began when they entered the program. However, students may also change to the new BS Biology degree.

The new BS Biology degree option offers more flexibility in the coursework required to complete a biology degree. Effective fall 2019, for the BS Biology degree

  • 36, not 46, credit hours in biology will be required
  • Core course requirements remain
    • BIOL 1300/1310 General Biology: Organismic Biology and Lab
    • BIOL 1350/1360 General Biology: Introduction to the Cell and Lab
    • BIOL 3000 Biology Statistics
    • BIOL 3020 Cell Biology
    • BIOL 3700 General Ecology
    • BIOL 3830 Genetics
    • BIOL 4250 Evolution
  • Some upper division BIOL laboratory courses will substitute for BIOL 4010* (pending approval**)
  • Completion of 12 hours of 3000 or higher level BIOL courses required to meet the upper division elective requirement.  

*Fewer sections of BIOL 4010 will be offered going forward because of faculty moving to the HPNU department. BIOL 4010 was previously the only approved Compass Curriculum Summit course offered in the department.

** As of March 2019, two courses (BIOL 3750: Conservation Biology and BIOL 4610: Methods in Evolutionary Genetics)  were submitted for approval as Compass Curriculum Summit courses.  These are pending approval for the fall 2019 catalog. The updated course list and 2018-2019 advising sheets are posted on the biology web site:

Updated 2018-2019 advising sheets will be posted after approval (mid-spring semester)