Biology 4710 / 5710 Externship

Internships in Biology

About Our Internships

Internships are offered by an employer (company or organization) to students to work for a fixed time, usually one semester. They are similar to apprenticeships in that the intern will gain job training and skills that may be of benefit in their future professional work. It is the responsibility of the student to find the internship, although we will post internships as we become aware of them. To earn college credit for an internship, complete the application form and enroll in Biol 4710/5710, Externship in Biology.

Biology Externship 4710 / 5710

 A program of study and learning outside the classroom. Practical exposure to field of interest is intended to provide appropriate experience to a student's career orientation. A variety of opportunities exists, and students may explore their own avenues as well. Some externships are in open competition. Students must have departmental permission and completed permission form to register. It is necessary for students interested in this program to plan their participation one semester before they plan to enroll. (Note: Externship is to be performed off campus at an institution performing biologically-oriented work, e.g., medical clinics and research laboratories.) Students must speak with faculty before registering for all externships. Fall, Spring.

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