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Biologists study living organisms: how they grow, reproduce, and interact among themselves and with their environment. Specialization in a particular aspect of biology is common. Regardless of the area of specialization, in modern biology, full understanding of a process requires integrating studies at many levels of organization: populations, individual organisms, organ systems, cells and molecules. Most biologists conduct research to answer the basic questions of how organisms are interrelated. Results can include advances in human or veterinary medicine, agriculture, ecological knowledge, environmental health, or public policy, among others.


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All of our undergraduate Biology major options require a minimum of 35 credit hours of BIOL course work including a minimum of 12 credit hours of upper-division (3000+ level) BIOL course work. Specializations within the major (Biomedical Sciences, any of the K12 Education options) have different suggested elective courses. In addition to visiting our academic advisors in Main Hall, students should speak with their current faculty or research advisors for recommendations on course programs to achieve their specific career goals.


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For more information about individual courses, see

Honors Program


There are two kinds of honors programs at UCCS - departmental honors programs, and the broader University Honors Program.

The Biology Honors Program is designed for focused and highly motivated Biology majors interested in conducting original research. Students interested in this program should contact the Department Chair no later than their junior year. Qualifications consist of a minimum grade point average of 3.5 in biology courses and a 3.0 overall, and the completion of a Senior Thesis (BIOL 9490). Through the recommendation of the faculty, the successful honor student's degree diploma will bear the citation "Distinction," "High Distinction," or "Highest Distinction in Biology."

The University Honors Program is designed for rigorously trained students who share a desire to become intentional learners. Students interested in this program are required to apply prior to the start of their freshman year at UCCS. There are two levels of participation: University Honors or Mountain Lion Honors. Additional information is available on the UCCS Honors Program website.


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Several UCCS scholarships are awarded annually by the department to students majoring in Biology, including the Zaebst Scholarship, the Berthrong Scholarship, and the Donald Van Horn Endowed Scholarship. The UCCS Office of Financial Aid has more information about these and more general scholarships.

Employment Resources

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Our programs prepare students for many employment possibilities, from graduate schools to careers in biomedical research, healthcare, veterinary medicine, private industry research, teaching, ecology and environmental management, and many more. Some places to seek employment with a biology degree include:

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